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Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Room Review on Google!

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 3 years ago

I was seen at this place for stomach pain. I was seen immediately and they determined I did not have appendicitis. I was so relieved. I was cared for and treated very well. I would return there for any serious medical illness i have. I never had to wait! For those on here whining about the bill, it is no different than going to a hospital ER but you will not wait or be ignored!

Memorial Heights Emergency Room: "Great Service!"

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 3 years ago

Great service at this ER - I was seen immediately for abdominal pain, given fluids and pain medication and other test within the first 30 minutes. The doctor was through, kind and really helpful in navigating the crazy minefield of possible causes of abdominal pain (many can be very serious). Thankfully, they found nothing serious and I was sent home quickly. I have not received the bill, but I knew that this was an ER going in and will be priced as such - not an Urgent Care Center. The difference is that an Urgent Care Center (colds, sore throats, etc.) will not be as costly. Emergency rooms as expensive - just as they would be at your local hospital (this one just happens to be standalone). Know this going in and you won't be sticker shocked later! Emergency - go to the ER; Sore throat - go to the Urgent Care Clinic or Redi Clinic - it will save you!
Sarah G.

Memorial Heights Emergency Room Review!

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 3 years ago

I went there for severe vomiting and diarrhea leading to dehydration. From the time I walked in the door they had an IV started and I was getting fluids/antinausea drugs and antibiotics in less than TEN MINUTES. Had I gone to any other ER it would have been at minimum an hour or two wait to even see a doctor. By the time any treatment is given you are looking at a several hour minimum. Their rates are comparable to any other ER-no matter what ER you go to it is going to be pretty expensive. Even if I ended up having to pay $500 more compared to a different ER it was worth it no doubt. The staff was wonderful and I will go back to this ER in the future if I have to visit an ER. For everyone complaining about the cost-if it is something that can wait until the daytime, don't go to any ER because yes it is more expensive than an urgent care facility for a variety of factors.

Memorial Heights ER: "Highly Recommend!"

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 3 years ago

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  • This is the best Emergency Room. I was suffering from another kidney stone. My stones usually pass on their own, but this one was different. I was really sick, vomiting and horrible pain, probably because I was throwing up the pain medicine. They discovered I not only had a kidney stone but also a kidney infection. Brandy my nurse was great, she stopped the vomiting and back pain as soon as I arrived. I was admitted to the hospital and the infected stone was removed and I improved. The last ER I waited 4 hours to be seen, this place took care of everything in 1 hour! Well worth it to me! I highly recommend this facility if you need an Emergency Room. 


Memorial Heights Emergency Center Review! Call us Today! (281) 501-2841

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 1 year ago

Pediatric Care Very fast and friendly

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