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Memorial Heights Emergency Center Review On Yelp! Call us Today! (281) 501-2841

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 1 year ago

  • on Yelp
  • I had the worst belly pain ever, I had not idea why the pain started.  No vomiting, no fever, no diarrhea, just pain. 

    Before I had time to finish signing in Dr Bob, introduced himself to me, gave me medicine in an IV for the pain, and explained what he was going to do to figure out why I was in so much pain.  To my surprise he told me he hoped not to find out a cause for the pain in my stomach.  Dr Bob says when he finds an answer it often means surgery.  Well he found an answer, my appendix is gone, but I am ok!

    Thank You very much, Dr Bob and all the nursing staff.

    All of you made me feel comfortable and made my whole situation less scary.

    If you are sick, and do not know why, I would not hesitate to go here, but I hope I do not need them again!

    Dave B.

Memorial Heights..."Never had to Wait" Call us today! (281) 501-2841

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 1 year ago

  • on Google
  • I was seen at this place for stomach pain. I was seen immediately and they determined I did not have appendicitis. I was so relieved. I was cared for and treated very well. I would return there for any serious medical illness i have. I never had to wait! For those on here whining about the bill, it is no different than going to a hospital ER but you will not wait or be ignored! 


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Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 3 years ago

I am an RN in the medical center, so I can tell you from a lot of experience the physician and nurses here are top notch. I was treated quickly, kindly, professionally, and fully. I have received care here twice, once for a fairly minor emergency, once having to be admitted to the hospital, and both times I was well taken care of. They have all the imaging (CT, etc) on site, can run labs and give any and all medications needed. I definitely recommend this place to my nurse-friends and family alike. They do charge like an ER however, so be aware of that, but they will get you taken care of. The people who work here are great!
M. Williams

"Love love love this place..." Review!

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 3 years ago

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  • love love love this place and Dr. Bob.    I went in on a thursday night after I fell in my front yard and gashed my shin open about 4 inches down to the bone.    Everyone immediately recognized the severity of the wound, and started working on it immediately to clean it out.     I didn't understand, at the time, the seriousness of it and the potential for bone infection.  Dr. Bob did a great job of impressing upon me the risks and the importance of me coming back in over teh weekend for him to monitor the wound before I could get into see a ortho....   I eventually needed surgery, and it was a royal pain.    However, my experience at the ER Center was the most pleasant of the two month long debacle.    The staff was lovely, kept a good eye on my pain management, and tried to keep me distracted while Dr. Bob scoured my wound.  ugh.

    LJ G.

"Beautiful and clean..." Review!

Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center
Last updated 3 years ago

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  • The worst part of being a parent is watching your kid suffer and not being able to do anything about it. My 16 month old son developed a cold that became a cough that turned into a persistent cough that evolved into a tiny-body-convulsing cough. Of course the climax of the ordeal had to happen on Saturday and he needed to be seen by someone. We searched for urgent care facilities but went with the ER because our emergency copay is not outrageous and I really, really needed some piece of mind.

    So we go to this beautiful and clean and EMPTY ER at 3pm on Saturday. It was just us and a guy that seemed to have fallen off his bike (ouch!). I only had time to fill in the top 1/4 of the first page of the paperwork before we were called back. We first were seen by a nurse who was friendly and efficient. We were later called to get a chest x-ray. The x-ray tech was nice and prompt and helped me hold my squirmy worm of a son. Later we saw the doc, diagnosis: pneumonia. We had a prescription in hand a few minutes later. We arrived at 3:00 pm and were back on the road to the pharmacy at 4:20. Pretty awesome on an ER scale.

    The little guy is doing great and I was happy they gave me the CD of his x-rays to take to the pediatrician next time we go.

    Based on its location on Washington I suggest that anyone living in Rice Military or the Heights take advantage of this spot. I do wonder how crazy it gets on a Friday or Saturday around 2:15 am...but I hope I never have to find out.

    Allison M.

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