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    What to Do If Someone Is Having a Seizure

    Last updated 2 years ago

    This video explains the steps you should take to protect your loved one from harming himself during a seizure. First, remain calm. Seizures do not inherently mean that a person will suffer permanent injury, as long as you take the proper precautions.

    To protect someone having a seizure, gently lay him on his side to make sure that he does not choke on his spit or vomit. Also, do not put anything near his mouth. A person having a seizure may become blue in the face or make strange noises, but these symptoms are common and do not necessarily indicate a serious problem. Wait until the seizure is over, which normally is about five minutes, and assess your loved one’s condition. If necessary, bring him to urgent care for medical evaluation.

    Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center can provide expert medical help for an individual who has suffered a seizure. Call our Houston facility today at (281) 501-2841 to find out more about our emergency clinic services.

    How Do X-Rays Work?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    X-rays have been helping emergency room physicians understand and diagnose medical conditions for more than 100 years. By utilizing high frequency x-rays, which have shorter wavelengths than visible light rays, medical professionals can assess a variety of situations, from broken bones to teeth cavities. The following facts offer some insight into how x-rays work and why they are frequently used in medicine:

    An x-ray is a piece of black film with areas of white that usually highlight bones or other dense body matter. An x-ray machine houses a glass tube with a heated filament inside. As this filament warms, it gives off electrons that a second electron pair attracts. This allows the formation of a concentrated x-ray beam that is directed at the patient’s body. On the other side of the x-ray machine is a camera. The camera captures the image left by the x-ray. Body matter such as skin and organs typically do not absorb x-rays, but very dense matter like bones and connective tissue do. It’s these structures that the camera then photographs.

    Since they first came into existence at the beginning of the 20th century, x-rays have been used for many medical purposes. Though some modified x-ray machines can pick up images of less dense body structures, like internal organs, much of the time x-rays are administered to diagnose problems with the skeletal system. Broken arms, cracked vertebrae, and even sprained ankles can be identified with x-rays.

    Before x-rays, physicians had far less conclusive information on which to base their diagnoses. At times, they would be forced to perform exploratory surgery to find out what was ailing patients. Therefore, x-rays have made the practice of medicine both more reliable and less invasive.

    Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center provides x-ray diagnostic testing for patients in the greater Houston area. To find out more about our full range of urgent care services, including prenatal and pediatric care, call us today at (281) 501-2841.

    What You Need to Know About Household Poisons

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Many children are curious about products that come in brightly colored boxes and containers, meaning that they may accidentally ingest the toxic substances inside them. This video explains what to do when a poisoning occurs and how to prevent one from happening.

    If a parent inadvertently leaves out a toxic product such as a cleaning spray or lamp oil, a child may become curious and ingest the harmful chemicals. To prevent poisoning, you should store toxic cleaning products inside a locked cabinet. If your child does accidentally ingest a poisonous substance, immediately contact poison control. From there, trained medical professionals can guide you through the proper steps to treat your child.

    Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center offers comprehensive urgent care assistance for patients of all ages in the greater Houston region. To learn more about the services we provide at our emergency clinic, call us today at (281) 501-2841.

    What to Except from a Psychiatric Evaluation

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A psychiatric evaluation can be administered for a wide array of reasons. It can be used to determine the mental capabilities of someone who may be positioning for a particularly strenuous job. A psych evaluation can also be helpful when either a child or adult is exhibiting abnormal behavior. In both cases, the urgent care professional giving the evaluation must assess the mental health of the person being examined. The following components frequently comprise most psychiatric evaluations:

    When possible, a medical professional will attempt to simply observe a patient in his normal everyday environment to study how that person interacts with his surroundings and others. Though this may not be feasible for all patients, observation is commonly used for pediatric psych evaluations. Often, a social worker will be dispatched to the child’s school or home to watch his normal behavior and routine.

    Next, the patient will undergo one or more one-on-one interviews with the individual conducting his psychiatric evaluation. The interview component of an evaluation can be comprised of a wide variety of questions. The medical professional might ask about the person’s childhood or current everyday life. Other times, she may simply try to have a conversation with the patient and allow him to discuss whatever is on his mind.

    Many times, a psychiatric evaluation also includes any number of tests that the patient must carry out. For example, the person being evaluated may be required to give answers to proposed hypothetical situations. Other times, the patient may have to engage in game-like activities with the medical professional. In either case, the evaluator is using the tests to gather more information about the patient’s psychological state and capabilities.

    To find out more about what to expect during a psychiatric evaluation, call Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center at (281) 501-2841. Our Houston urgent care center offers psych evaluations for patients as well as many other health services, including pediatric care and sports injury treatments.

    Learn What To Do In Common Medical Emergencies By Visiting These Sites

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Don’t let medical emergencies overwhelm you. The information on these sites will arm you with the knowledge you need when you’re facing a medical crisis. For quality emergency medical care, visit Memorial Heights 24 HR Emergency Center in Houston. Our freestanding emergency medical facility is fully equipped to treat all of your urgent medical needs without the long waits and hassles of a hospital ER. Call us at (281) 501-2841 to find out about our services.

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