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3 Signs You Should Take Your Newborn to the Emergency Room

Last updated 2 years ago

Whether you’re caring for your first child or your fifth one, most parents tend to exhibit extreme caution when it comes to the health of a newborn. While it is normal for your baby to grow and experience of number of changes, some changes may be a sign that you need to seek immediate medical attention from a qualified 24 hour emergency room.

Babies cry when they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, and simply bored, making it difficult to determine when your baby’s crying is the sign of a more serious problem. When your baby is inconsolable despite your usual soothing tactics, it may be time to seek urgent care.

1. Changes in Skin Color
You will want to seek immediate care from an emergency clinic if your newborn exhibits changes in skin color. This includes turning blue around the lips or face, yellowing of the skin, or a rapidly spreading rash. Your newborn may also require immediate care if he or she demonstrates rapid changes in muscle tone. Take notice if your newborn begins to lose strength in his or her grip or feels unusually limp.

2. Changes in Breathing Pattern
It is important to seek urgent care if your newborn is suffering from changes in breathing pattern, including slow breathing and rapid breathing. Continual nostril flaring and unusual movement of the belly or ribs while breathing are also signs of a serious problem.

3. Changes in Feeding Habits
Changes in your newborns feeding habits are usually problematic signs. You may want to seek urgent care if your newborn experiences sudden difficulty sucking at the bottle or breast, loss of appetite, slower feedings, or sweating during feedings.

When it comes to the health of your newborn, every second counts. Get the care you and your family need by contacting the Memorial Heights 24 Hr Emergency Center in Houston at (281) 501-2841.


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